In the Press


Illustration by Spratty Lin


"Explore Nature with Awesome ‘Possum’ Volume 4" by Mark Buckeldee, Adventures in Poor Taste

"Awesome ‘Possum" by Anupum Pant, AweSci

"Thirty Days of CCS #31: Awesome ‘Possum #3" by Rob Clough, High-Low

"Review and Kickstarter for Awesome ‘Possum" by Rob Clough, High-Low

"From Aphids To Varroa Mites, 'Awesome 'Possum' Promises to be a Vertiable Science Comic Encyclopedia" by Maki Naro, Box Plot (blog), Popular Science

"Kickstarter Spotlight: Awesome 'Possum Volume 4" by  Angela Boyle (that's me), The Center for Cartoon Studies

Illustration by Kriota Willberg

For any media inquiries, please contact Angela Boyle:

Bellingham, WA

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